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Welcome to Urban Gaming Elite, where Heroes Are No Longer Born, They Are Created.

Integrity. Honesty. Gaming.

Urban Gaming Elite was founded on the principle of honest content that goes beyond the surface of video games, digging deep to break down what makes a game good and what makes it sit on a shelf never to be seen again. With many companies being funded by game developers, honesty and integrity in reviews have fallen to the wayside, putting the buyers in a state of confusion as to who they can trust, what they can trust, and where they should spend their money. Urban Gaming Elite intends to fill that void, attacking companies for their mistakes, calling them out on the repeated failures, and helping to push developers to produce games worthy of our purchases.

Here at Urban Gaming Elite we focus on companies doing the right thing, giving Indie groups the focus and attention they deserve, attacking games that don’t meet the standards, and creating interesting and unique content that is produced by gamers for gamers. Our focus is on the community over the team, looking at the groups that help elevate games to a new level and produce the content we love and remember forever. We are the rising Phoenix, birthed from the ashes of broken companies and morals. We also happen to be a bunch of gaming geeks who truly enjoy making content about the games as much as playing them.

Our Content

You won’t find any paid for reviews here or articles that are commissioned by video game companies, producers, advertisers or the like. All of our content focuses on three major elements:


Urban Gaming Elite started out of the idea that gaming media elements today were too full of themselves, producing horrid reviews because they were being paid by the company to do so. Gaming has evolved from an underground activity to a public expression that contains the same social elements of the top sporting events and yet is treated like the community cannot be trusted with accurate information. Integrity means we don’t take money for reviews or any article as we are community funded and we want to stay that way.

We are part of this revolution to bring integrity back to gaming, keeping companies grounded and responsible for the products they produce – that means we call them out on bad advertising, game design, and less than stellar production value for the cost.


If a game is horrible we will be sure to tell you. That same concept goes for content beyond reviews, looking deeper at companies and the products they make and holding them accountable for it. With all the advertising that exists today, companies are spending in the billions on pushing their games without caring about the quality that goes into it so we intend to expose that while helping to support the smaller groups who are making a difference.

With honesty comes detail – our reviews go the next level when analyzing a game, giving you more information than just the basics. If you are going to make the decision to not only invest your money but your time to completing a game you want to be sure it’s a worthwhile investment on both fronts. Our reviews go beyond the surface to bring you these details.


We are a group of gamers bring you the content you want with the analysis and quality you deserve. This also means we are busy playing the games and other elements to produce the content so please take the time to check out what we have written and provide feedback and comments as we do appreciate them. We love gaming in every respect and this is a labor of love; we hope that shows in everything we produce.

Indie Focused

As a small startup ourselves we have a special place in our hearts for independent developers (“Indie”) that are trying to make games amongst the big companies that can outspend their development budget with a single advertisement. Due to this, we give special attention to those groups that are making these games and we hold the larger companies to that same standard- we also hope to bring you content you may not normally find in other locations, looking at the companies, the games they make, and the direction they are headed.

We have plenty of content in the works and numerous ideas of content we want to start producing and we hope to bring the same level of quality seen everywhere else.

Bottom Line: We Want to Be The Elite

Being the best isn’t the most important thing in the world but we believe in striving to produce the highest quality we can no matter the focus. This is Urban Gaming Elite and we want to hold ourselves to the same standard as everyone else and we hope that shines in everything we produce.

Thank you for checking us out and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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"Come For the Gaming, Stay for the Community"