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Meet The Team

"Content By Gamers For Gamers"

We are a team of gamers who very simply love gaming and everything that goes along with it. While we each contain our unique characteristics and personality traits, we believe in the core ideals of Urban Gaming Elite and wish to bring the highest quality content we can. In addition to the individuals listed below, we work with some talented freelance writers and designers across the realm who contribute on an on-demand basis. If you are interested in becomming part of our team, check out our Contribute page.


Alex Schwartz

Alex has been a fan of video games for as long as he can remember, spending much of his free time on his brother's SNES during his earlier years. Currently pursuing a graduate degree at UW-Madison, Alex dedicates the majority of his free time to producing articles, video content, live streaming, and researching all he can along with producing much of the infrastructure for UGE including the website, channels, and marketing. As the designer behind many of the current series content including the Defining Games series, Gamer Rant, and 90-Minute Review. He welcomes any and all that are interested in joining the group and wishes to create a personal group that makes people want to come back, appreciate the level of quality in their content, and respectful of others opinions. He stands strong in the belief of producing content by gamers, for gamers.

Always a fan of video games for their escape from reality, Alex has had a love for gaming since he can remember. Fortunate enough to have an older brother, Alex was exposed to gaming through his brother and the consoles/games he purchased, stretching back to the SNES system up through the Xbox. His own investment in gaming came with designing his own gaming desktop, furthering his love for PC gaming and the realm associated with it. While partial to PC gaming, Alex appreciates the strives made in other systems and is well invested in decent ports and moding seen in everyday PC gaming.

A fan of almost every genre that exists, Alex is partial to games with realistic storylines, challenging gameplay, and puzzle-based combat systems. Alex misses the older style games that relied on skill and determination to succeed as opposed to finding the answer online or being hand-held to reach the final destination. Games like Tomb Raider and The Legend of Zelda series will always hold high places in his heart and mind and stand as defining games in their respective series. His gaming style relies on intelligence and cunning to solve a problem or defeat an enemy, often showcased in his choice of magic or ranged based characters for RPGs /and placing a higher value on item choice and knowledge than brute force.

As the founder of Urban Gaming Elite, Alex has quite a bit of experience in the gaming realm outside of just playing them. Previously a writer for Alienware Arena articles and assisting in FAQs for IGN, Alex has always had an interest in writing and exposing elements in gaming today, often attacking games for appealing to the masses, leaving behind the game design elements that made them a strong game in the first place. Beyond writing, Alex was involved with the UW-Madison Starcraft College Team, streaming the majority of their 2012 season, assisting in transportation and organization of events, and helping with training, marketing, and advertisement. Alex has decided to expand his horizons with UGE, aiming at reducing the media overload and lack of integrity seen in numerous organizations and systems, wanting to bring back the core elements that made gaming successful in the past generation. His aim, much like the aim of UGE in general, is to showcase the community surrounding video games and highlight the people and companies working hard to bring quality gaming back to the mainstream.

JP Miller

JP has early memories of playing on a ColecoVision, and spent hours traversing the swamps of Pitfall! on the Atari 2600. He studied the pages of Nintendo Power Magazine as a child, and spent countless hours watching the Nintendo Power Hour on Saturday mornings. In addition to playing through the Nintendo catalog he also spent long hours playing as overpowered warriors in Hero Quest.

Basically, JP grew up as a video game junkie. He tried to reform himself, and managed to finish college at Texas A&M, but the call of consoles for unbeatable deals was too much to resist. Today, JP is a sucker for games like Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Skyrim, FTL, The Last of Us, and Minecraft. JP introduced his wife to Spelunky and she is now a rouge-like addict. JP fears his son will soon fall under a similar influence and flunk out of preschool.

When JP isn't playing video games he likes to take his son on bike rides, visit the local library, and try to make drunk people laugh while standing behind a microphone.

JP has been following the evolution of the video game industry and freelance writing for several years. He'll be bringing those passions together at UGE by reporting on the news and events that affect players, developers, and publishers.

Jared Hammon
Content Writer

Jared comes from the corn fields of Indiana. He is a writer, reader, and gamer. He first got into gaming with the Nintendo 64 and learned to love two things: platforming and storytelling. When his twisted mind isn't coming up with strange ideas and new worlds he's probably checking out the latest deals on Steam or playing Skryim, Borderlands, or SSMB.


Rachel Johnson
Senior Writer/Staff

It is hard to pinpoint exactly when Rachel first fell in love with gaming. It may have been while watching her brother play Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation, or discovering the many joys and hardships of sustaining a civilization in Age of Empires, or unwrapping a Pokemon Yellow cartridge along with a shiny new Gameboy Color. Regardless of where it all started, it's been two decades since her first exposure and she still hasn't kicked the habit, so she's probably stuck with it.

When it comes to gaming platforms, Rachel's interests are broad. Her first love was the original Playstation, but she soon discovered the enticement of handheld consoles that grew to encompass nearly every portable console since the original Gameboy. Her arsenal has expanded to include a Wii and an Xbox, and she now boasts a shiny new gaming PC that she built with her brother. Favourite genres include RPGs, FPS games, puzzle games, platformers, and adventure games (with a weakness for old school point and clicks). She has always been drawn to the fantastic, be it science fiction and fantasy literature, superhero comics, or paranormal television thrillers. It is the ability to not only immerse herself in these extraordinary worlds and scenarios but also to interact with them which drew her to gaming and which keeps her coming back time and again.

In addition to video gaming, Rachel is also an avid player of board games, card games, and tabletop and live action roleplay games. She plans to contribute a series on board games, card games, and tabletops to UGE. A member of the Beloit College Science Fiction and Fantasy Association while she was in school, Rachel considers herself a nerd of all trades. She has been a writer since she could hold a pencil, and in addition to her work for UGE, is currently writing a biography, though her true passion lies in science fiction and fantasy writing.

Rachel loves sharing her gaming passions. From getting her mother hooked on Angry Birds to regularly emailing her brother to exchange game suggestions to convincing her girlfriend to play through all-time favourites like Portal and Mass Effect, any excuse to indoctrinate encourage others to explore the infinite possibilities in those pixelated worlds is one she relishes. She hopes that in writing for UGE she can help spread her love of gaming even further.

Social and Marketing Assistant

Ali is a self-proclaimed nerd, and proudly so. While spending her days grueling away at an English degree from UW-Madison, she spent her nights annihilating zombies on her very first, beloved console – the Xbox 360 (which, fingers crossed, will never come down with a case of Red Ring). Since then she has also somehow come to own three Game Boy Advances and a PS3. She has an unhealthy obsession with Batman, is still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts, and has finished the Game of Thrones book series two times over (R+L=J, anyone?). Other games Ali has dabbled in – or more than dabbled, let's be honest – are Bioshock, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft, and Scene It? Oh, and, oxford commas forever.

E.T. Paulson
Content Writer

E.T. studies English at the University of Wisconsin. He is an enthusiastic gamer to this day, having grown up playing the likes of Pokémon, Command and Conquer, and Warcraft. Much of E.T.'s time is spent writing, reading, and gaming.

Rob Plantikow
Guest Writer

Co-Founder of Pegheads, a board game group in Janesville, WI, Rob is a fan of all sorts of games with a large focus on board games and community play.

Current Contributors

Jason Loch
Content Writer

Jason is a freelance writer/editor who currently makes his home in Wisconsin. He loves hacking and slashing his way through demon-filled dungeons as well as putting hordes of peasants to the sword. In his spare time, he writes speculative fiction and blogs about the British constitution.

Matthew Otto
Content Writer

Matthew Otto's first gaming system was the NES when he was 6 years old, and has been involved in the medium ever since. His expertise lies in MMOs and their variants, though he is no stranger to console gaming. His favorite games of all time are Dark Age of Camelot and Deadly Premonition. He also loves cats.

Ryan Bradetich
Content Writer

Ryan J Bradetich is a writer, musician and life-long gamer from Madison, Wisconsin. He's partial to classic literature, underground hip hop and first person shooters

Tracy Brozek
Content Writer

Tracy graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, majoring in English with a minor in Theatre. The first console Tracy played was the SNES and have been a Nintendo girl since, though she has dabbled in Playstation and PC. Some of her favorite games/series include Harvest Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Outside of gaming she loves writing, reading fantasy novels and manga, watching anime, sewing, and crochet.

Christopher Becker
Content Writer

Chris is a journalist who's covered taxicabs and elephants, and has had a passion for video games dating back to the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo pack. He loves video games, despite occasionally feeling like the industry does not love him back. He was an early adapter of the Virtual Boy, and is probably better than you at Guitar Hero.

James Wolanyk
Content Writer

James is a fiction writer with a soft-spot for science fiction, fantasy, and all manner of Ryan Gosling films. When he isn't poring over his university e-mail, he's trying to achieve englightenment through the zen of french-toast-making.

Mary Yeager
Content Writer

Mary's earliest memories of gaming involving playing Asteroids on the Atari before the NES became a staple of her family's household when she was 5. Since then, she's been gaming through out the years and has added table-top gaming to her hobbies; her faves include MMO's and RPG's. If you don't find her gaming or writing, you will either find her with many Adobe programs running as she designs various mediums, or a crochet hook, sewing needle, or a good book in her hands

Ryan Willcox
News Content Assistant

Ryan's natural habitat is in Charlotte, North Carolina. His attachment to gaming all began with his love of Pokemon FireRed and Fire Emblem on the Game Boy Advance several years ago. When he is not struggling to find a game to play next on his consoles, you can find Ryan writing about video games, playing basketball or reading anything in front of him.

Eric Brandt
Content Writer

Eric lives with his wife and daughter in Appleton, Wisconsin. He grew up playing a wide range of games, mostly by Nintendo. He's a collector of classic games and specializes in video game history and repair. Eric also enjoys tabletop RPG's, board games, and card games.

Ewan Moore
Content Writer

Freelance writer with an unhealthy adoration for all things Marvel, Doctor Who, and Nintendo. Ewan claims to play Smash Bros more often than he should.

Jordaine Givens
Content Writer

Jordaine began their writing career rambling with incomplete sentences and run-ons of action filled scenes conjured from movies, games, and television shows that unknowingly raised them. Jordaine stands for all that is true of a young gamer in an entertainment-conquered world.

Marcus Hess
Content Writer

Originally from the big island of Hawaii, Marcus has been a gamer since day one. From simple SEGA Genesis side scrollers to MMORPGs, he has found enjoyment in playing, reading, and talking about video games and its presence/relevancy in pop culture today.

Nathaniel Hohl
Content Writer

Nathaniel has been an avid gamer ever since he was old enough to hold a Game Boy and has been writing about games ever since he graduated from college in 2011. In addition to playing games of both the video and board varieties, Nate also enjoys watching and writing about movies, hunkering down with a good book, studying both medieval and ancient greek history, and practicing martial arts.

Tyler F M Edwards
Content Writer

Tyler is a freelance writer, novelist, and lifelong gamer living in Canada. He is a passionate advocate for the idea of video games as an art form and has been known to yell at his computer monitor while watching professional StarCraft II matches. Given a choice, he always plays as an Elf.

Previous Contributors

Phoenix Blue
Previous Writer

Mark Reichers
Previous Content Writer

Addie Schommer
Previous Intern Content Writer

Darcie Adams
Previous Marketing and Social Media Assistant

Previous Content Writer

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