Eight best games to play online


In the era of pandemics, people prefer playing games online for their fun and entertainment. Online gaming is in the trend from the starting of the twenty-first century. Video game playing was a trend as and when the IT field started to develop. Here are the best online games to play right now if you are getting bored at your place.


The Player’s unknown battleground is the most famous game nowadays. Recently it has been popular in India. It is a kickstartroyale craze that has foundational rules. It is a grounded realism of a hundred people death-match. There is an exploding car, with bullet drops one-shot kills.

Tetris 99

It is one of the tensest games of the recent period. It is a frantic multiplayer game, and the concept is the Tetris battle royale by clearing every two lines you are sent to one of your ninety-nine competitors. In the game, the players attack you once you enter the field. It is an entirely original game.

Hunt: shutdown

It is complicated to make a horror game with the battlefield; hence this game excels in the horror games. There are the creatures and creeps in your path; still, you have to look for the other persons in the game. The game has stressful gunplay, and Hunt is an early access title; therefore, it might be clunky to play, but you will enjoy it once you start playing.

Portal 2

Portal is a puzzle game, whereas Portal 2 is a game full of mind-bending puzzles. Here you and your friend solve the mystery, clear the portal’s frenemy. The game works on themed areas, with a new formula or Marvel based creations. It is a tricky game that works well online.

Overcooked 2

It is a game to test the coordinating skills with your friends. In this game, you and your friends take the position of the chef, where you have to coordinate with other kitchens of your friends and make the order on the table as soon as possible. You have to make your customers happy by serving fast.

Counter-strike: global expensive

Counterstrike is a quicker thinker game, and it is all about fast action playing. The teamwork and tactics play a significant role if you wish to knock down the companion or engage in objective focused modes. Counterstrike is a fast portal modern military engagement that requires concentration to be on the next level.

League of legends

It is a popular game; it has MOBA craze and is continuously testing with new ideas. There is a standard three-lane 5v5 and two-lane 3v3 map system. There are through up surprises in every step. You can easily choose the style that you find unique, and if you get bored with one, you can switch to another playstyle.

GTA Online

This is a famous game in the world from the beginning of the twenty-first century. It contains a supercriminal who has all the weapons mentioned with the keys and has a beautiful world of gameplay. In the GTA world, you have the dangerous, illegal weapons and can do any criminal activity as per its level.

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