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Local Spotlight

As the premiere gaming media/entertainment group in the midwest we take it as part of our mission to showcase and advertise many of the great stores and business in the local area that contribute in some way to the great gaming community. Our qualifications are relatively simple but focus on something unique, gaming related, and above all we want local, small business as opposed to a major group (as in we aren't advertising the local Gamestop stores!). If you have a suggestion for something to add to this list located within Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Illinois, please send your query to [email protected] and we'll be sure to check it out. Please provide as much information as possible and enjoy the local highlights below!

All of the places listed below are items we have personally checked out ourselves - we don't pass along recommendations without feeling strongly about them beforehand!

Game Universe

Franklin, WI | Brookfield, WI | Menomonee Falls, WI

Originally starting in Franklin, WI, Game Universe has three stores located in Brookfield and Menonomonee Falls respectively within Wisconsin. Focused on providing access to various board games, card games, and other nerd/geek items ranging from popular cards like Magic The Gathering and Munchkin to popular board games like Dominion and Arkham Horror and lesser known ones as well. What makes them truly unique and fun are there events, with each location having their own specific schedule that includes MTG events, board game nights, competitions, tournaments, and more! Check them out by clicking the link above and show up one day to see what it's all about!

42 Lounge

Milwaukee, WI

The Geek central for all interested parties in Milwaukee, WI. Combining drinking and gaming in the best way possible, 42 Lounge describes itself as "all things geek" and contains playable consoles, recent games and activities alongside running tournaments, barcraft, cosplay and much more. Furthermore, their cocktails are in numerous ranges of themes including video games and other geek culture. Give them a try sometime by clicking on the link above and see what you've been missing out!

Pegheads, a Janesville Board Game Group

Janesville, WI

Based in Janesville, WI, the Pegheads are a board game meetup group sponsored by Urban Gaming Elite that meets on a weekly basis when possible to play various board games along with larger tournaments and events. They are welcoming to all people of various experience or interests and believe in an extremely inclusive environment. Currently run by Rob and Brian, check out their group or consider finding your own near you!

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