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As a gaming media group we often come across content that we appreciate, find entertaining, and feel it stands out from the crowd as something worthy of being shared with our community. Some of these items are sponsored content from other groups, side projects from a member within UGE, or are similar-minded groups or people we feel are worth knowing about. As such, we intend to update this section of the website as often as we can so check back frequently when looking for something different to check out.

If you are interested in getting your content showcased here, contact us at [email protected] with a link to the original content along with a description of what it is and how it stands out from the rest. We promise to respond to each and every inquiry but no promises on showcasing it.

8-Bit Dairyland

Cast: Mark Riechers, Alex Sheehan, Ilana Sufrin

Submitted by UGE's own Mark Riechers - Games are a unique art form positioned at the touchpoint between technology, engineering and creativity. Mark Riechers and Alex Sheehan are gamers and tech nerds positioned in Chicago and New York respectively, with the common touchpoint of a hometown in vast, cheese-dotted fields of Wisconsin. Join them and their guests as they explore the exciting developments in technology that might fuel the next generation of exciting video game experiences. Also, a lot of dumb shit about Mass Effect, irrational Nintendo love, potty humor, and general nonsense that makes that earlier stuff fun to listen to.

The Game Theorists

The "Mythbusters" of Video Games

Finding a unique approach to the many theories, premises, and scientific explanations seen in modern video games today, The Game Theorists publish new videos every Saturday that debunks many misrepresented theories such as the Speed of Sonic the Hedgehog or producing their own such as Link being dead in Majora's Mask. Their approaches are fun to watch and provide intriguing insight into video games new and old for your enjoyment!


United Nations of Games Writing!

Twinfinite is a similar-minded video game enthusiast website dedicated to bringing quality content for the gaming community. They cover news, produce unique video series, podcasts, reviews and much more. With a strong focus on bringing quality, unbiased content for their community (known as Twinfiknights) and excel at doing so. Just don't ask about their name...not even they know why it's called that way.

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