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Jumping on Nintendo's E3 Hype Train

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June 10, 2015 | Written By: Ewan Moore

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Nintendo at E3: Our Predictions, Wishes, and Concerns (Image Credit:

All Aboard!

Is your body Reggie? Nintendo recently announced their E3 plans in typically inventive, fun fashion with a video that playfully confirmed they would be hosting a special digital Nintendo Direct conference at E3 which is set to focus on developers discussing and showing off the upcoming slate of Wii U and 3DS titles. In addition, we also have another Nintendo Treehouse stream to look forward to, with certain titles being demoed throughout E3.

So if it’s anything like last year, we can look forward to a fun conference with a couple of neat surprises thrown in. But frankly, we can’t wait till next month, so allow us to wildly speculate and discuss at length everything we know will be, might be, and wish to be in store for the big event.

Miyamoto is such a tease (Image Credit:

Miyamoto is such a tease

What We Know

Okay, so here’s what we know we’re getting for sure: Mario Maker, the new Fire Emblem, and Star Fox Wii U. To be honest, these three alone are enough to reduce most Nintendo fanboys to salty tears of joy (especially Star Fox). It’s already an encouraging start, and the attention being given to Star Fox is a great sign that the Big N haven’t forgotten about their fringe franchises. Maybe there’s hope for F-Zero yet?

It’s a pretty safe bet that we’re gonna see extensive footage of Star Fox and Fire Emblem, and we know that Mario Maker is set to be playable. All of this, coupled with the confirmation that Nintendo have absolutely no plans to discuss the mysterious NX, or anything Smartphone related is immensely reassuring for Wii U owners who were terrified that their console’s lifespan was being cut short.

It’s no secret that the Wii U has had a pretty rough time of it. Even though it’s probably a given that ten years from now people will look back on the Wii U and all its quirks with the same level of fondness they have for the Gamecube. It has gotten to the point where every E3 we expect Nintendo to step up and prove to us once again that we made the right choice. With no discussion of any future consoles, and the guaranteed return of a certain cult Nintendo Fox, things are looking pretty bright. But, greedy devils that we are, we still want more.

Hyrule has never looked more inviting (Image Credit:

Hyrule has never looked more inviting

What We Want – Wii U

First and foremost, MORE WII U GAMES. To be fair, we do have a pretty great library of games to choose from at this point, but we’re still missing some key games. And this far in to the consoles’ life, fans are getting a little twitchy.

When Zelda Wii U was pushed back to late 2016, fans were understandably upset. When the NX was announced, fans were understandably wary. After all, Twilight Princess started life as a Gamecube game, but eventually found its way to the Wii. Could Nintendo be focusing on bringing Zelda Wii U to the NX, thereby robbing the Wii U of an exclusive Zelda game? What Nintendo have to do is show us what they’ve been working on, and assure us that this Zelda is worth the wait. They need to reassure us that this game will be exclusive to Wii U, and the NX is not a priority right now.

Of course, that is exactly what Nintendo isn’t doing.

This is their first serious mistake, and the conference hasn’t even started yet. We’ve seen precious little of the game, apart from one thirty second trailer and a tiny slice of grainy footage. After Mario, Zelda is Nintendo’s most popular franchise- it’s undeniably their most revered and respected. Unless Nintendo are trying to wrong foot us so they can surprise us with some top quality gameplay footage, no Zelda at E3 is a really bad move, and a shockingly misjudged step.

Imagine this in HD (Image Credit:

Imagine this in HD

Still, it might not be all bad. There have been rumblings of a new Wii U game from Retro studios. Retro studios of course, are the developers behind Donkey Kong Country Returns, and the incredible Metroid Prime Trilogy. So what could they possibly have been working on? A new DK game? An entirely new IP? Metroid Prime 4?

Anything from Retro will be amazing, but we’re praying for Metroid Prime 4. The last Metroid game (Other M) came out way back in 2009, so Samus Aran is definitely long overdue a return to our screens. And naturally, the announcement of a new Prime game would certainly be more than enough to make us forget the lack of Zelda.

Beyond that, on the Wii U front we’ll hopefully get more of a look at Xenoblade X (which is looking incredible) and a little more third party support, which the Wii U has been severely lacking in. A new 3D Mario game would be pretty great too, but we certainly wouldn’t be too bothered if that didn’t materialise... especially with Mario Maker on the way.

Get ready for Animal Crossing to steal your life again (Image Credit:

Get ready for Animal Crossing to steal your life again

What We Want – 3DS

We’re not too fussy when it comes to the 3DS. Unlike the Wii U, it’s had a pretty fantastic time, and has a huge and varied library of titles. It would certainly be a nice surprise to see a big Nintendo release announced. A new Zelda could certainly ease the pain as we wait for the Wii U version, but with three great Zelda titles already out on the 3DS, this doesn’t seem too likely.

We’ll probably get more details on the new Animal Crossing and Amiibo Cards, which certainly look interesting. It’s also been about ten seconds since the last Pokémon game, so we might well get a big announcement on that front. The 3DS has been a great home to indie titles, so we’ve got our fingers crossed for a big focus on that front.

Not to sound like a broken record or anything... but we’d definitely be happy with a new Metroid game for 3DS. Perhaps a return to 2D roots? Maybe Nintendo could exceed all our expectations by giving us a Metroid Prime game for Wii U as well as a 2D title for 3DS. We can but dream...

All in all, Nintendo’s main priority this year should be to remind us that the Wii U is still a force to be reckoned with, and there’s life in the old dog yet. Whatever happens, we’re sure we’ll see a strong lineup of games for both the 3DS and the Wii U, and the world will see once again that no one does it quite like Nintendo.



Author: Ewan Moore

Freelance writer with an unhealthy adoration for all things Marvel, Doctor Who, and Nintendo. Ewan claims to play Smash Bros more often than he should.



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