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NACC Final Four Report, Day One

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May 2, 2015 | Written By: JP Miller

Tags: League of Legends, NACC 2015, NACC, RMU, Robert Morris University, UBC, University of British Columbia, UCONN, UCONN Huskies, TAMU, Texas A&M University, eSports, Champions, North American Collegiate Championship,

NACC Final Four Report, Day One

It was an intense day at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica on May 2nd as the final four collegiate eSports teams faced off against one another for a chance at the crowning champion title of 2015. Each district of North America was represented in the League of Legends tournaments this year.

Texas A&M University began the day with a faceoff against the University of British Columbia. TAMU made a good start, but UBC seemed to have a better game plan and cooler heads in the middle of 5 v 5 battles. Consequently, UBC gained the upper hand against TAMU and closed down both games to secure their place in tomorrow’s match for the grand trophy.

The Midwest’s Robert Morris University stood toe to toe with the hungry UCONN Huskies. UCONN promised to be fierce competition after clawing their way up against more experienced teams in the east coast, but RMU had their game together and flawlessly shut down UCONN 12-0 in just under 30 minutes. In the second game UCONN gave RMU stiff competition and fared better than the first round, but RMU held firm against their opponents for a decisive victory.

Tomorrow, May 3rd RMU will challenge the west coast favorites, UBC. Games start at 12 noon, PDT, and can be watched on twitch at Follow us on twitter @UGamingElite for live highlights. The event is using the hashtag #NACC2015.



Author: JP Miller

JP has been playing video games since his father bought an NES for Christmas '85. He manages our news content and is executive producer of our new comic, Elite Squad.



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