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Indie Going Mobile - Indie Spotlight with Hidden Variable Studios

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February 13, 2015 | Written By: Alex Schwartz

Tags: Hidden Variable Studios, Hidden Variable, Threes!, Indie Spotlight, Charley Price, Nick Ahrens,

Indie Spotlight Series with Hidden Variable Studios

For many years the discussion of “best console” would be debated over and over among friends with no clear winner on either side – and of course there are always the pesky people that vote for the PC master race! Those days are behind with the massive boom in the mobile games market, with mobile titles becoming as well-known as anything seen on the modern consoles and boasting sales that are off the charts. Never to be without character, the indie realm has its own hero in the mobile development arena: Hidden Variable Studios, the company behind the widely successful Threes! mobile game that just recently made its debut on the Xbox One.

Mobile games have always been of a select group, usually containing simplified gameplay meant to kill a few minutes while waiting in the doctor’s office but recent expansion has caused various games to be developed that truly bring out the potential. One popular approach has been simplified concepts explored in colorful and addicting gameplay that can drain hours at a time, all through the item everyone carries around each day.

Responsible for such hits as Bag It! and Tic Tactics including bringing the hit Threes! to Android and Xbox, Hidden Variable Studios is a widely successful Indie developer headed up by a wonderful team. We had the chance to talk with both Creative Director Charley Price and Creative Producer Nick Ahrens about their company, their games, and their amazing company. Check out the interview below and let us know who you want to see us interview next!

As always, we want to thank both Charley Price and Nick Ahrens for taking time out of their busy day to talk with us – we greatly appreciate it and always look forward to hearing more. If you want to find out more about Hidden Variable Studios, you can check out their website here:

Be sure to check out our other interviews in our Indie Spotlight series with companies such as Over The Moon games, Anisoptera Games, and Flying Mollusk! If you are an indie developer looking to get some feedback on a recent or early build of a game and want to be featured on our Indie Spotlight series, hit us up on twitter, facebook, or send us a message and get in touch!



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