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The Importance of Independent Media

In a world dominated by more news and media outlets than ever before, integrity, loyalty, and honesty become all the more important. With views/likes/shares being a type of currency for many groups, money becomes a major issue when trying to find ways to fund their projects. Some groups turn to sponsorships while others find new owners that can influence, determine, and even force the direction of their content. Independent groups are just as they sound - they are separate from that realm. Independent media at its core is what media is supposed to be - pure, honest, and to the point without shareholders, managers, or executives determining what to post and what not because of what makes money or not. We support Independent Media and are proud to be one of them.

However, this also means we are dependent on you, the viewers, to help support and fund our projects. If you find what we do important, interesting, or useful, please consider taking a moment and helping to support our group and show that Independent media can thrive in this world. Support isn't always financial - sharing our group either directly or with specific articles goes a long way along with all those pesky "likes/follows/shares". The difference here is that whether or not we get a like isn't going to determine what we post - we will post what we determine is important no matter what. Showing you support us just helps to know were going the right direction.

Financial Support


Patreon is a great way to show your support for the group with a small donation. Set up as a different way to crowd fund projects, Patreon has grown to be one of the most utilized services for content producers across multiple mediums, whether that be video games or not. Check out our page and consider setting up a monthly donation. Check out some of the other great projects while you are there - there are some great people doing amazing and wonderful things.


Advertise with UGE
Our main source of revenue comes from advertisments - if you have a group interested in advertising to a great group of people, check out our page above and consider purchasing dedicated advertising space, PPC, or other arrangements. We offer the standard advertising you are used to seeing alongside more unique approaches that bypass ad-blockers and get useful, interesting products to our readers.


We are lucky to have numerous affiliate accounts or partnerships with various companies to help sell their own services and products. By using the links below, you directly support UGE, with no additional cost to you (often you get a deal/offer on top of it). None of the below items are clickbait, pop-up inducing items - we hate that crap too so obviously we aren't going to do it to you. Check out our groups below and consider using the buttons/links below for purchases on the respective sites. All of the proceeds within each go towards supporting UGE

Amazon (All Purchases Qualify)

Non-Monetary Support

If you are unable to support us financially, there are still quite a few things you can do to help us out and support us. These are just as helpful as money and go a long way to show us that people are interested and helps drive the content.

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Become a Partner of UGE

Own your own gaming media group or content website and looking for some extra content to reference and link to? We believe in cooperation as opposed to competition and are always interested in talking to viable parties about ways to cooperate and partner up, whether that be through link sharing, content posting, guest articles, blog posting, or cooperating in live events, tournaments, competitions and more. If you are interested in seeing what we can do together, send us an email at [email protected] and let's discuss potential options.

Beyond standard partnerships, we are always open to working with similar-minded groups in advertising products, video games, education programs or more. If you have a product you think our readers would like and want to see about striking a deal to help sell/advertise it, let us know! We can't make any promises obviously but we are always willing to talk and see what we can do.


Since we are mostly ad-supported currently, another item you can do is disable use of any ad-blockers when viewing our website. It goes a long way to helping to provide assistance to the group and we work hard to make sure only useful ads are shown and in the least annoying manner possible. It is a small concession that can go a long way to supporting our group.

Linkback and Feedback

One of the greatest non-financial items you can do to support us is link to our website, articles, and authors alongside providing feedback on both the website or content. All feedback is much appreciated and goes towards improving our services and seeing what more we can do for you. Never hesitate to contact us for any reason.

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